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How is the reasonable arrangement and positioning of tower cranes in engineering construction?

Tower crane in the construction of a reasonable layout and positioning is a crucial link, is also a difficult point of the construction organization design. Tower crane in the project due to improper layout, positioning errors and the adverse consequences are very serious, the lesser will cause low productivity, delay the construction period, demolition operations and equipment retreat difficulties, construction costs increase, the heavier will cause safety hazards, and then cause safety accidents.
01 2022/04

Tower cranes: how to reduce the failure of tower cranes

The general working temperature of the tower crane is -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃, the working wind speed is not greater than 6. Tower crane drivers and heavy lifters must be trained, and have a special machine induction certificate to operate. Operation of tower cranes must do "five good". Five good is: good concentration of thought; good up and down contact; machine inspection good; tighten the lift good; unified command good.
01 2022/04

Tower hoist: tower hoist long-term parking re-start warm tips

Check the braking system on the vario sportster to see if the brakes have not been used for an extended period of time, which could lead to water rust or icing. If the motor does not start properly, the variator brake will need to be manually pried to remove areas of adhesion to ensure the motor can operate properly.
01 2022/04

Tower hoist: tower hoist overhaul and maintenance mechanism construction exploration and recommendations

For the problems found in the daily inspection of the tower hoist, the specific problems can be specifically analyzed by simple adjustments. Operators deal with them themselves. If the problem is serious, it should be promptly shut down for maintenance, and maintenance records of the tower should be kept.
01 2022/04

Tower crane: tower crane construction work common 8 kinds of safety hazards points

Tower crane is a kind of lifting machine that can realize heavy load transportation. The working height is generally from several tens to hundreds of meters, and the working radius can reach several tens of meters. It is widely used in construction sites, mainly for vertical and horizontal transportation of materials in building construction and installation of building components.
01 2022/04

The new trend of intelligent cranes

At present, the annual growth rate of the crane industry in China is lower than that of other traditional machinery industries. Crane companies must accelerate the research and development of crane production, so that it is towards economic efficiency, green, intelligent direction, electric hoists and hoists in the trend of intelligent development forward.
01 2022/04
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