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The new trend of intelligent cranes

At present, the annual growth rate of the crane industry in China is lower than that of other traditional machinery industries. Crane companies must accelerate the research and development of crane production, so that it is towards economic efficiency, green, intelligent direction, electric hoists and hoists in the trend of intelligent development forward.
01 2022/04

Cost-effective lifting machinery will be more marketable in the future

In the face of the better momentum of the development of China's lifting machinery industry, should focus on the technology of machinery, research and put forward for the sustainable development of lifting equipment countermeasures, although China has now entered the high-end, but the independent innovation, the establishment of their own brand, to promote the strategic development.
01 2022/04

China's crane industry automation market analysis

In the lifting machinery industry, PLC applications are more common, in addition to tower cranes, simple industrial cranes, the use of relay control products, other cranes all use PLC control, especially large tonnage lifting machinery.
01 2022/04

How to maintain crane components?

In the case that the crane is not very frequently used and the sealing condition and the use of good environment, the lubricant in the gearbox is replaced once every six months, and when the use environment is bad, it is replaced once every quarter. When it is found that the crane box into the water or oil surface always has foam and determine the oil has deteriorated, should immediately change the oil. When changing the oil, the oil should be replaced strictly in accordance with the oil specified in the manual of the gearbox, do not mix the oil.
01 2022/04

Domestic crane industry future development goals

With the national power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructure construction into the climax, the country will bring electric hoist overhead crane market rapid expansion.
01 2022/04
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